Troubleshooting LoriotPro installation issues

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Winsxs side by side error when launching LoriotPro

LoriotPro require the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update to work

Download and install it

On windows Seven UAC must be turn off else the Poller process will nto work. AFter installation the object in the Directory tree stays definitevly purple.

How to turn UAC off on Windows 7

Migration from Version 4 to version 5 read this how to

WARNING : Under Windows Vista the User Account Control should be off, else LoriotPro will not work.

How to turn UAC off on Vista

After installation at first startup a pop-up dialog box is complaining about a missing library (dll). LoriotPro all editions release bu.

After installation and at first startup a pop-up dialog box is displayed complaining about a missing microsoft dynamic library. The error comes from a bad installation process that copy the dll file in the /loriotpro directory instead of the /loriotpro/bin directory.

Solution or workaround : Retrieve the missing dll and copy them to the /loriotpro/bin directory.
You can also dowload them from there : Missing MFC DLL (msvcr71.dll, msvcp71.dll, mfc71u.dll, mfc71.dll).

The last released update (cm) provides the missing DLL. Do not hesitate to apply this update.

After installation or upgrade no events are displayed in the event manager.

After installation or upgrade no events are displayed in the event manager. The event manager server is not started because the /bin/config/loriotpro.ini file is incomplete or corrupted.

Solution or workaround : A backup file of the original loriotpro.ini file is present in the /bin/config directory under the name _loriotpro.ini. Stop LoriotPro, do a copy of this file in the same directory and rename it in loriotpro.ini. Restart LoriotPro. Your previous setting are lost and you should re install the service plugin that were installed in the service tab.

To retrieve the default services that you have set initially, you can manually copy the contain of the [services]section of your corrupted loriotpro.ini file (if possible) in your new loriotpro.ini under the same section.

The main menu is not working

When moving the workspace window from its docking position to a floating position the main menu control is lost and the mouse action is not longer working.

Solution or workaround : Just click one time anywhere on the else control center pane (The LoriotPro father window) or dock the floating window.

The program failed to start the startup screen stay opened

During the startup the LoriotPro program is stuck and the loading windows stay opened.

Solution or workaround : It is normally due to a bad directory configuration file. Stop LoriotPro and renamed the /bin/config/default/ses file. Start LoriotPro. You will start with and empty directory. retrieve a backup of a prvious working configuration. We suggest that you perfom backup of your configuration when you have set your directory and after each change. You should save the directory under a new name with the save as option of the file menu. You can load the backup file later on with the load option of the file menu option.

The second workaround for this problem is link to a corrupted windows registry entry.

You can dowaloed the following code and execute it to clean the windows registry.

Downgrading to free edition from higher editions pops-up a notification message

When downgrading an edition a pop-pup message is displayed at startup. The free edition doesn't support directory plug-in and you do have plugin installed under your previous edition (lite, standard or extended).

Solution or workaround : If you do have few plugin installed just click until LoriotPro starts and then remove one by one the installed plugin. If you do have a lot of plug-in you can start with a new directory configuration by renaming the /bin/config/ file to for example. At next startup and empty configuration file will be loaded.

The Poller or the IP Scanner doesn't open or doesn't work.

If the polling doesn't work, it could come from missing dll available with operating system complementary updates.

Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) from Microsoft on your system.

Available fro m the Download Center of Microsoft

ON WINDOWS VISTA UAC MUST BE DISABLE TOO and you should be administrator of the system

In the Control Panel, choose User Account then turn off the User Account Control

Missing XML dll when installing or RRD or SLA doesn't work or cannot be launched.

Both programs require the XML support from Microsoft.

You should download MSXML 4.0 package from Microsoft Downlaod Center. The current package at the date of writing this page was :

MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2 (Microsoft XML Core Services)

Check the latest package and the current language for your operating system and install it.