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LoriotPro V4 EE (Beta version) - Extended Edition


LoriotPro V4 Extended Edition beta version is available for downloading.


To install the Beta version you should first download and install the current version of LoriotPro V4

Warning - Be careful and do not overwrite your current LoriotPro version 3 if any. Do not install the Extended Edition Beta version on a LoriotPro V4 used for the production.

1 Download LoriotPro V4 (Size 60 Mo)

Apply the last update (with the same release code as the beta package)

2 Download LoriotPro V4 update (ct)

Download the beta package

3 Download LoriotPro V4 Extended Edition (ct) Beta (Size 6 Mo)

Update contains the last features and bug correction requests from us or from our beta tester.

Summit all your requests and bug report during the Beta period at support@loriotpro.com

The mains features of the current Loriotpro V4 Extended Edition beta version are:

A powerful extension to LUA Scripting language that extend LoriotPro. The EE version provides you a total control over network and system management.

Create trend graphics with RRD Collector and RRD Manager a Microsoft Windows RRD front end.
Graph snmp data, ping round trip time, and LUA script data

Event corelation. Events can be acknowledge automatically when working in pairs (UP/DOWN) with the event corelation module LoriotPro service Plugin.
LoriotPro console access control. The LoriotPro console can be locked to restrict access to a simple user with a very simple interface. For example a LoriotPro user can have acces to a single Active View with not editing permission.
Text To Speech player The new service plugin text to speech player convert any text event message into a voice message. This plugin use the Micorosoft Text to speech standard and voice form different language can be added.
Perfmon The new performance monitoring plugin bring to LoriotPro the support of Microsoft WMI standard. You can now define in the LoriotPro directory any performance management graphics of your Microsoft servers and workstations. Perfmon plugin directly generates alarms on threshold values.

The feature of the LoriotPro V4 Extended distribution are not yet finalized. We will update the features list as soon as possible.

Consult the documentation below:

LoriotPro V4 EE - LUA scripting documentation

Download LoriotPro V4 EE LUA scritping documentation (Microsoft help Format)

Documentation version française

fr Introduction au language LUA

en Service Level Agreement Management with LUA scripting

LUA 5.0 reference Manual

Download LUA 5.0 reference manual (Microsoft help Format CHM)

RRD Collector And RRD Manager documentation

RRD Collector And RRD Manager documentation (Microsoft help Format CHM)



Event corelation

Event corelator Plugin documentation

Console access management

Console access documentation



Beta software conditions

  Beta softwares are subject to the terms and conditions detailed in the license agreement that accompanies these softwares.
We provide beta software for testing purposes. Beta means that the product is still under development and can contain bugs. We welcome your feedback on the product, but please be advised that we do not provide support on beta software.
The usage of this time limited free software and the access to the servers are limited to the beta period only, so it may expire after a certain period of time, when and if the ability to purchase a commercial version will be offered.
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