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SYSLOG Message Browser


The Syslog Message Browser is dedicated to the browsing of Syslog type files. With it, you will be able to open Syslog history file generated by LoriotPro or the Syslog Collector agent and display syslog messages. An advanced interface allows you to filter syslog messages to display.

The Syslog Message Browser interface is embedded in the agent and also available on the LoriotPro console as a Plug-in. 

Among the filtering features, you can select the messages from a date range, from a specific file, containing two specific strings of characters, by Syslog facility and/or level, by time stamp and date, by agent source name or address.  

The list of displayed messages or a selection of them can be exported in a CSV format. A fine search could be done again on that file. 

Overview of the user interface: 

The Syslog Message Browser Interface

  Running the Browser

 The Syslog Message Browser is integrated in the agent and run as a Plug-in in LoriotPro. 

To run the Syslog Message Browser you should open the LoriotPro main menu and select the tool option or use the contextual menu of the syslog window. 

The Syslog Message Browser is a Plug-in from LoriotPro.


Interface control

This chapter explains the role of each field and button of the interface. 

Control Explanation
syslog The File Selection Window allows selecting the file(s) on which the browse will be performed.

Search For – These two field allow you to specify character strings to search for anywhere in the Syslog message text.

This search can be conditional with operator OR and AND. 


Facility - Select the facility type of the Syslog message to filter. The <-1 All> option removes the filter on that condition. 


Level - Select the level of the Syslog message to filter. <-1 All> option remove filter on that condition. 


Update the File Selection list window and display new files 


Compress the selected file(s) in the gz format in the same directory. One file for each selectedfile is created with the gz extension


Archive the selected files compressed  in a single file with the extension zip


Start Date – Specify the first date of the range for starting the search. If the date included in the log file name is after this date and before the End date the file will be browse. 


End Date - Specify the last date of the range for ending the search. If the date included in the log file name is after this date and before the End date the file will be browse. 


File Header - Allow you to select the file name beginning. This heading is the name of the file set in the Syslog Filter configuration. The end of the name is automatically assigned with the date by the agent. 


Scan File on Date Range – The scan is performed based on the files name containing a date in the specified range and display the Syslog messages matching the filtering conditions. 


Scan Selected File – Scan the files selected in the Files Pane and display the Syslog messages matching the filtering conditions. 


Scan All Files – Scan all the log files located in the current selected directory display the Syslog messages matching the filtering conditions. 


Stop Scan


Export All Messages – Export all the displayed messages to a .csv formatted file. 


Export Selection – Export only the selected messages to a .csv formatted file. 


Clear Messages – Clear all message from the windows 


Clear Selection – Clear only the selected messages from the windows. 



The status bar display the current scanned file, the current processed line in the file and the current messages found according to the filter conditions.


Messages Pane description

The message pane contains for each message the following information :


The time at which the message has been created


La date et l'heure à laquelle le message a été reçu


Adresse IP de l'emetteur du syslog

Facility Level

Le champ Facility et Level du Syslog Message


Le message


Le fichier dans lequel le message a été trouvé


Le numéro de ligne dans le fichier


Le numéro d'event LoriotPro dans le cas ou un nevent est généré

How to use the Browser

Select first in the File Selection window the directory where your log file have been stored.

If you are using the Browser on LoriotPro the file are located in the directory where you uploaded them from the agent.  

Warning: The Browser can’t pick up files directly on the agent. You should use the Syslog Collector Manager first to retrieve file form the agent. 

When your have selected the right directory, you have multiple options. 

  1. You can browse all the files in the selected directory and display them
  2. You can browse only the selected file in the selected directory
  3. You can browse the file with dates included in a range. The date range is checked according to the date specified in the file name and not on the date of the file maintained by the operating system. 

A log file is composed of a header and a date ( ex: Log_may_22_2003.csv) 

When browsing the file the application can filter messages on multiple criteria. 

You can specify two different strings of characters that should be in the message. It could be any field, a part of the message, an IP address, a Date…

You can select the Facility type of the SYSLOG message

You can select the Level type of the SYSLOG message 

The screen shot below is an example of an advanced filter. 

The browse is performed on the files located between a date ranges and heading by “log”. Within this selection, all the messages containing the “Paris-NewYork” string are displayed. 

Example of Browser applied filters

After this, it is possible to select one or more message line and export them to a .csv file.