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Testing Event filters with Event Simulator

To test the event filters that you created, you can use the event simulation tool Event Simulator available with LoriotPro.

The program Event Simulator can be called from the menu option LoriotPro Tool and option Event Simulator.

Event Simulator window appears.

Event Simulator

Sending the simulated event is simply done by clicking the button Send Event

You must first change the settings before sending the event. The options available are in the table below:

LoriotPro Select the IP address of the machine that generates the simulated event. The address is suitable for simple cases. If you have a hierarchy and a centralization of LoriotPro events, use the exact address of the machine that normally originates the event and corresponding to the filter to test.
Specific port 5001 is the default port for receiving events on LoriotPro.i Do not change this value unless you change the value of the default port in loriot.ini
Event Event The number of the event you simulate. This value must be chosen prior to a Send Event.
At level At level Sets the level and the color of the event sent.
IP Reference The IP address of the simulated machine behind the event (system failure)
Mask Reference The mask attached to the simulated IP address
Message The simulated message

Example: It simulates the generation of an event whose origin is the machine We consider that the event will be created by LoriotPro (loopback address

event simulation example

Displaying the 78,000 event in the receive window events

event reception

The IP reference used does not appear directly instead of the machine name defined in this Loriotpro directory.

An existing filter for that address actions (checked) will be executed.

Action Filter

The forwarding of the filtered event in the Custom tab