OEM Edition

With the OEM Edition, LUTEUS offers to IP-connected-device manufacturers a custom solution to add to their product portfolio.

The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) version of our LoriotPro product can be tailored to the graphic chart of any company and smartly manage their SNMP devices.


LoriotPro software in its OEM version will make it possible for companies who so wish, to add to their catalogue, a new software which is personalised with their brand and corporate identity and is entirely dedicated to the management and monitoring their equipment using SNMP. In just a matter of days, they can become the proud owners of a product that would have otherwise taken them several years to develop.

The types of company who can benefit from this offer, include manufacturers of systems and network equipment, manufacturers of devices in video broadcasting, security control, TV-monitoring, etc. The only technical condition or requirement is that the equipment and devices should be IP protocol (Internet) accessible and should also include an SNMP agent. Other interfaces using API or different protocols are also possible to implement.

Example of Windows interface, customized to OEM.

OEM edition of LoriotPro

As for integrators and distributors, they would also be able to sell a professional, open and heterogeneous product carrying their brand, which would enhance their notoriety. With an OEM product, all the marketing campaigns necessary to promote the product would be predominantly beneficial to the company and not the supplier.

The restrictions on functionalities and usage that LUTEUS can impose on the software make it possible to create a varied range of products with adapted and competitive pricing. The main characteristic of an OEM version of LoriotPro is its ability to limit the discovery and monitoring process to cover only the devicest of the partner’s brand. This is made possible by an identification process using SNMP protocol for example.

This capacity of our product to adapt to the marketing strategy of our partners and the needs of their customers is unique on the market for SNMP management and monitoring. In fact it is a real « à la carte » service where one can create a menu of their choice.
This software solution which we are naming OEM SNMP Manager, to be replaced by the names that our partners would have the liberty to choose, is significantly equipped with modular features in order to be able to adapt itself technically and financially on demand. In its finished state, the compound OEM product may contain all the functionalities of our current products,  LoriotPro Broadcast, Extended, Standard, Lite  Edition or be reduced to a simple single-task tool. Just a quick reminder, LoriotPro Broadcast Edition contains all the technical functionalities without any limitations on the number of IP nodes monitored and performance.

LUTEUS can as such, define together with and for its OEM partners, several varying distributions of the product with very specific technical characteristics. These distributions can contain proprietary functionalities and visuals (of the OEM) as well as functional restrictions.

The visual and textual adaptation of the product is possible for the following variables:

  • Product name
  • The name of the company selling the product
  • The Licensing agreement  (restrictions and limitations of use - EULA)
  • The main logo and icon
  • The visual profile of the work environment and background color of the main windows.
  • The Menu iconography and Menu bars
  • The Directory iconography
  • The iconography of the Maps.
  • CSS format files for customizing the Web Interface.
  • Dedicated WEB interface (AJAX, JQUERY, XML, JSON, etc.)
  • Graphical dynamic Device templates

Functional possible restrictions: 

  • The number of IP addresses i.e. the number of devices to be managed and monitored.
  • The type as well as the brand of equipment supported.
  • The internal functionalities of LoriotPro, Polling, Discover, Directory, MIB tree, MIB Compiler. (suppression of options in the menu)
  • The list of authorised modules (plug-ins).
  • The number of a certain type of plug-in (directory, service, direct) activated simultaneously.
  • The number of plug-ins with a certain ID activated simultaneously.
  • The properties unique to a particular plug-in (number of objects in the Active View, number of instances in the Bulk Poller etc.)
  • Validity dates (rental, sale or evaluation of product)

The adaptation of the product to meet the specific technical needs of the OEM, completes the solution making it much more flexible.  The needs that we have identified for this customization are:

  • Addition of proprietary MIBs and creation of a database of default MIB objects.
  • Addition of graphical Templates (equipment) for the Active View, Filter guidelines, LUA scripts.
  • Addition of specific clipart for the Active View.
  • Addition of Trap, SNMP, SYSLOG and Events filters.
  • Addition of Event numbers.
  • Addition of reports (HTML or LUA)


Documentation of the product in CHM and HTML format (French and English available) will be provided to any OEM wishing to translate or personalise it.
Luteus can also do the modifications at the demand of the OEM.


The solution is secured by a system of software keys in order to avoid illegal copying. The license keys are generated by LUTEUS or by the OEM partner following the type of agreement signed.

The license key defines the distribution profile to be loaded. Certain modules (plug-ins) contain their very own non-visible activation keys situated in the distribution profile. 

Authorization to access modules that have since been deactivated from a distribution may be subsequently reactivated.
The ability to restrict access to OEM equipment only is based on the SNMP sysObjID variable. The sysObjID variable has to be available for access of the partner’s equipment and the returned value has to be an OID object defined in the partners own MIB. Other mechanisms can added at the demand of the OEM company.

Evolutionary capacities

The modules (plug-ins) can also be sold separately or in groups as a « RunTime » edition of the OEM SNMP Manager solution without a Graphic Interface or with a reduced Graphic Interface containing only the minimum requirements necessary.

This technical enhancement makes it possible to have tailor-made products dedicated to treating specific needs.

Financial Aspects

The acquisition cost of our product in the OEM version is evaluated based on the type or number of functionalities available for the required product distribution (package). Some of the costs are fixed while others are variable.

The following are the main charges:

  • Right of OEM entry in partnership with LUTEUS (initial, unlimited/long-term duration).
  • Generating a distribution (package) for the first distribution generated, decreases for the following package or following quantity.
  • Commercial rights to sell the package (price variable in accordance to the functionalities, contract duration , the number of licences)
  • Technical Support Package 

Development of complimentary proprietary modules is also available; pricing is based on per day tarif packages and following a quotation.