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LoriotPro software Extended Edition


The "LUA SNMP script solution"

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The LoriotPro software extended edition is an extensible solution for administrators and managers that are involved in network monitoring and system management tasks linked to the exploitation of networks, systems or smart infrastructures.

The open LUA script language embedded in LoriotPro and the powerful concept of Active View provide unequal adaptation of LoriotPro to your requirements and environment. Additional LUA libraries provide SNMP AUTOMATION, Active View manipulation script functions, directory script functions allowing you to create your own snmp management applications. Read this white paper to discover the script applications or read the full lua snmp documentation.

The scripting programs are ideal for making network inventory and create comprehensive and detailed reporting about all of the hardware and software on all of the network devices and computers on your network.

Discover Discover

LoriotPro integrates an automated discovery that will automatically upload all the devices on the network.

Capable of identifying the type of equipment, operating systems, network applications etc,

Directory will automatically keep track of any changes infrastructure keeping an up-to-date accurate inventory.



Status, availability, traffic load, and response time, are all displayed on graphical interfaces which are completely modular.

A directory classifies all IT resources by hierarchy and category (servers, hosts, switches, routers, IP telephones etc.)

LoriotPro’s unique Active Views, make it possible to create your own visual displays of the real-time state of your infrastructure.



LoriotPro establishes a permanent monitor of the functional state of network equipment and IT systems.

Capable of continuously monitoring the connection to IP network of hundreds of devices, as well as the availability of servers and applications simultaneously.

Uses IP, TCP and SNMP internet protocol standards to guarantee a simple non-invasive performance.



Uses various data collected by LoriotPro and its modular functions (plug-ins) to help you analyze and understand the usage of your IT infrastructure.

Several internal programs to assist with analysis such as SLA based service quality reports, traffic and trend graphs, SNMP variations auditor, Ethernet switch visuals in the 802.1d Spanning Tree etc.




Rapid notification is just one of the many things that LoriotPro excels at.

Changes in status or traffic load thresholds will trigger either visual or audible alarms (pop-up, text-to sound, etc)

SNMP TRAP alarms or Syslog messages are filtered in order to determine what type of action or corrective measure to take.



The current and previous health status of your IT system may be visualized in the “anomaly and service quality reports”.

Reports on traffic, system load, LAN and WAN connection interfaces, the processing queue, processor load, memory usage and disc space, power supply, environmental conditions such as temperature, etc

Script LUA


The Extended Edition of LoriotPro is a complete development environment which is extensible as per your demands; you can create the features or functionalities you need.

An LUA script editor makes it possible to rapidly create simple or complex applications in record time.     

This integrated development tool provides direct access to hundreds of LUA standard functions as well as those unique to LoriotPro.

System requirements & product specifications

Monitor an unlimited number of IP nodes

Able to monitor hundreds of nodes simultaneously in real time

Able to collect and filter a huge number of events, snmp traps and syslog messages per second

Windows Xp/7/ 8/ 2008 Server or higher versions.

2 Go of RAM minimum required, 4 recommended

SNMP V1, V2c, V3 compatibility

Embedded LUA scripting language


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