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We accept payment by credit card and Paypal. The prices on this page in US dollars are calculated with the currency converter from openexchangerates.org and are here for indication and not guaranty. If you wish to pay in US Dollars and not in Euros, please ask for a quote.

Order number : 1506202870-143
Date : Saturday 23 September 2017

 Step 1 Select your products and click the calculate button   
Reference Product Name / Description Quantity Unit price Total Price
Software license
LIC-LP-LE LoriotPro Lite Edition license € /
LIC-LP-SE LoriotPro Standard Edition license
€ /
LIC-LP-EE LoriotPro Extended Edition license
€ /
LIC-CSA Syslog Collector license € /
LIC-PI-SMS SMS Dispatch Manager Licence (Plug-in) € /
LIC-LP-ENTERPRISE LoriotPro EE enterprise license Consult us € /
LIC-LP-BDCAST LoriotPro Broadcast Edition Consult us    
Software update contract (FollowUp)
FU-LP-LE-1Y LoriotPro LE - One year update contract € /
FU-LP-SE-1Y LoriotPro SE - One year update contract € /
FU-LP-EE-1Y LoriotPro EE - One year update contract € /
FU-CSA-1Y Syslog Collector - One year update contract € /
FU-LP-ENTER-1Y LoriotPro EE enterprise license - One year update contract Consult us € /
FU-LP-LE-3Y LoriotPro LE - Three year update contract € /
FU-LP-SE-3Y LoriotPro SE - Three year update contract € /
FU-LP-EE-3Y LoriotPro EE - Three year update contract € /
FU-PI-SMS-1Y SMS Dispatch Manager - One year update contract € /
FU-CSA-3Y Syslog Collector - Three year update contract € /
FU-LP-ENTER-3Y LoriotPro EE enterprise license - Three year update contract Consult us € /
FU-LP-BDCAST-1Y LoriotPro Broadcast Edition - One year update contract Consult us    
Software upgrade license (Change from one LoriotPro edition to another edition)
LIC-UPG-LP-LE-SE LoriotPro Upgrade from Lite to Standard € /
LIC-UPG-LP-LE-EE LoriotPro Upgrade from Lite to Extended € /
LIC-UPG-LP-SE-EE LoriotPro Upgrade from Standard to Extended € /
Software update license (Change from One LoriotPro version to another version)
LIC-UPD-LP-LE LoriotPro Lite Edition update € /
LIC-UPD-LP-SE LoriotPro Standard Edition update € /
LIC-UPD-LP-EE LoriotPro Extended Edition update € /
Country *VAT? VAT
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About sales Tax & Duties

This E-Commerce server is located in Paris, FRANCE, the following Tax rules applies :

  • All French customer's orders are charged 20% state VAT. French DOM/TOM are not charged with TVA.
  • European Union customer's orders are not charged with VAT, if they provide their Company VAT Number.
  • International customers are not charged with VAT but are responsible for any additional customs duties, charges, or tarifs applied at the time of delivery.
French legal notice
In compliance with " Informatique et Libertés", the French law governing access to personal data, the personal data relating to the client and processed by the vendor is submitted to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL, National Commission on Data and Freedom of Access). The client has the right (under article 34 of the law of 6 January 1978) to access, modify, rectify and remove its data, and can exercise this right by requesting LUTEUS SARL to do so. 
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