"Metronet is a Mexican company that operates transport networks for telecommunication carriers. Our needs to monitor and manage the network over an SNMP platform led us to search a solution that was functional but over all flexible, to meet our growing needs, and of course was cost effective. For over a year, Loriot Pro has allowed us to solve our needs of management and to implement a web server report and a trap forward service for our customers as and added value without the need of additional applications. It also has an excellent customer service for support, and new developments that has led us to have mutual interest to continuously strengthen their product and our services as a whole."
Hector Barriga - Management of Networks - MetroNet -Mexico

"Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that your Syslog Collector Agent saved me (and my organisation) a lot of work last week. We've had the software running for 31 days now (including the trial period) and last week it paid for itself in one go.
We had a copy of the Bagel-AT virus slip through onto our network, but due to the filtering capabilities of your syslog collector agent and the alerting from the Management Console, we were able to see the offending traffic very quickly and easily.
This allowed us to find the offending machine very quickly and remove the virus before it spread. Your software was instrumental in allowing such easy identification of the "Strange" traffic. I am absolutely wrapped in your LoriorPro product. It really should have a much higher price tag for what it can do.
Just as an extra note, I have your software setup now so that we are able to send out SMS Text alerts for certain conditions thanks again to the filtering capabilities of the software."

Leigh Vincent - Information Security Officer - University of Ballarat - Australia

"Notre choix s'est porté sur LoriotPro car nous avons pu mettre en œuvre simplement et à moindre coût une solution d'administration de composants réseau et système.
Nous avons téléchargé et installé rapidement le produit puis testé celui-ci en relation avec les équipes techniques. Toutes nos demandes ont été prises en compte et les réponses apportées, soit par des conseils soit par la fourniture de composants supplémentaires."
Laurent Trelet - Crédit Agricol CEDICAM - France